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Dealers / Repairers

BM1Centre welcomes enquiries from dealers / repairers in the trade. Simply register yourself as a trader with us, together with a scanned copy of your business registration certificate and you will receive competitive trade discounts ! If you have not yet registering your business or about to start a business, no worries, just send us a message and arrange for further discussions.

BM1Centre received much supports from major distributors to make us who we are today and we would love to do the same for other dealers!

Group Buy

Over 10 years ago when the founders of BM1Centre were college students and group buy was not as popular as today, they strived to bargain good prices for performance parts with shops. The lethal weapon was "People's Power"! Where they gathered forumers to buy parts in bulk. Therefore, BM1Centre has this dedicated feelings toward this form of trade. BM1Centre has more than enough experiences on Group Buys, from ordering / customs clearance / logistics. Yes, we can even dispatch products to each individual participants in order to ease the pain of the initiator. Contact us for your interests.

Drop Shipping

If you've been interested in starting your own internet business but you've been trying to avoid the hassles of things like developing and producing products, tracking your inventory, setting up warehouse space, and maintaining a confusing shipping/receiving infrastructure, then drop shipping may be your answer. It allows you to sell quality, brand-name products on your website for a hefty profit, while someone else looks after product development and order fulfillment. Contact us for your interests.